UFINE BEARING gets stock Split plummer block housing for bearings (pillow blcok bearing)

       SNL and SE plummer block housings are the most popular  bearing housings on the market, developed to be the first choice for design, quality and economy.

SE plummer block housings are a new generation with a number of new features and a stronger material grade. They are available from size 507 up to and including 515-612.

     SNL and SE plummer block housings enable the incorporated bearings to achieve maximum service life with less need for maintenance. Different housing variants and seal designs are available, making the use of tailored housings virtually unnecessary and enabling costeffective bearing arrangements to be made.

       We get enough stock for Split plummer block housing for bearings (pillow blcok bearing) today. 

       In the morning, all goods comes from agent arrived at the warehouse.  The CEO of Ufine Bearing CO., LTD Bruce Wang checked all the warehouse and confirmed the total amount of them. 

       UFINE BEARING CO., LTD will always provide the best quality bearing for foregn market and also give best aftermarket sevice.  Now we have many customers from all over the world. 

       If you are intend to buy/purchase bearing from China , UFINE BEARING is your best choice. 


       The stock is as below:  


SNL505 1205EK 2205EK
SNL506-605 1305EK 2305EK
SNL506-605 1206EK 2206EK
SNL507-606 1306EK 2306EK
SNL507-606 1207EK 2207EK
SNL507-607 1307EK 2307EK
SNL508-607 1208EK 2208EK
SNL510-608 1308EK 2308EK
SNL509 1209EK 2209EK
SNL511-609 1309EK 2309EK
SNL510-608 1210EK 2210EK
SNL512-610 1310EK 2310K
SNL511-609 1211EK 2211EK
SNL513-611 1311EK 2311K
SNL512-610 1212EK 2212EK
SNL515-612 1312EK 2312K
SNL513-611 1213EK 2213EK
SNL516-613 1313EK 2313K
SNL515-612 1215K 2215EK
SNL518-615 1315K 2315K
SNL516-613 1216K 2216EK
SNL519-616 1316K 2316K
SNL 517 1217K 2217K
SNL520-617 1317K 2317K
SNL518-615 1218K 2218K
SNL519-616 1219K 2219K
SNL522-619 1319K 2319K
SNL520-617 1220K 2220K
SNL524-620 1320K 2320K
SNL522-619 1222K 2222K
SNL524-620 1224K 23224CCK/W33
SNL526 22226EK 23226CCK/W33
SNL528 22228CCK/W33 23228CCK/W33
SNL530 22230CCK/W33 23230CCK/W33
SNL532 22232CCK/W33 23232CCK/W33
SNL205 1205E 2205E
SNL206-305 1305E 2305
SNL206-305 1206E 2206E
SNL507-606 1306E 2306
SNL207 1207E 2207E
SNL208-307 1307E 2307E
SNL208-307 1208E 2208E
SNL510-608 1308E 2308E
SNL209 1209E 2209E
SNL511-609 1309E 2309E
SNL210 1210E 2210E
SNL512-610 1310E 2310
SNL211 1211E 2211E
SNL513-611 1311E 2311
SNL212 1212E 2212E
SNL515-612 1312 2312
SNL213 1213E 2213E
SNL516-613 1313E 2313
SNL517 1314 2314
SNL215 1215 2215E
SNL518-615 1315 2315
SNL216 1216 2216E
SNL519-616 1316 2316
SNL217 1217 2217
SNL520-617 1317 2317
SNL218 1218 2218
SNL522-619 1319 2319
SNL520-617 1220 2220
SNL524-620 1320 2320
SNL522-619 1222 2222
SNL524-620 1224 23224CC/W33
SNL526 1226 23226CC/W33
SNL528 22228CC/W33 23228CC/W33
SNL530 22230CC/W33 23230CC/W33
SNL532 22232CC/W33 23232CC/W33





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