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SNL522-619 Split Plummer Block Bearing Housing for 100mm

pillow block bearing
1319K 2319K
1222K 2222K

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We have 210 pcs stock for this SNL522-619 Split Plummer Block Bearing Housing

SNL522-619  Split Plummer Block Bearing Housing  100mm

Shaft da: 100mm
Housing Dimensions (mm)
A: 175mm
A1: 120mm
H: 242mm
H1: 125mm
H2: 45mm
J: 350mm
L: 410mm
N: 32mm
N1: 26mm
G: 24mm
Bearing seating
Ca: 80mm
Da: 200mm
Mass: 22,0kg
Appropriate bearings and associated components
1222 K Self aligning ball bearing
H222 Adapter sleeve
FRB 21/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
23222 CCK/W33 Spherical roller bearing
H2322 Adapter sleeve
FRB 5.1/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
2222 KM Self aligning ball bearing
H322 Adapter sleeve
FRB 13.5/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
22222 EK Spherical roller bearing
H322 Adapter sleeve
FRB 13.5/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
BS2-2222-2CS5K/VT143 Sealed spherical roller bearing
H2322 E Adapter sleeve
FRB 8.5/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
C2222 K CARB Toroidal roller bearing
H322 E Adapter sleeve
FRB 13.5/200 Locating rings 2 per housing
TSN522 L Four-lip seals
TSN522 A V-ring seals
TSN522 C Felt ring seals
TSN522 S Labyrinth seals
TSN522 ND Taconite heavy-duty seals
End cover

SNL505 1205EK 2205EK
SNL506-605 1305EK 2305EK
SNL506-605 1206EK 2206EK
SNL507-606 1306EK 2306EK
SNL507-606 1207EK 2207EK
SNL507-607 1307EK 2307EK
SNL508-607 1208EK 2208EK
SNL510-608 1308EK 2308EK
SNL509 1209EK 2209EK
SNL511-609 1309EK 2309EK
SNL510-608 1210EK 2210EK
SNL512-610 1310EK 2310K
SNL511-609 1211EK 2211EK
SNL513-611 1311EK 2311K
SNL512-610 1212EK 2212EK
SNL515-612 1312EK 2312K
SNL513-611 1213EK 2213EK
SNL516-613 1313EK 2313K
SNL515-612 1215K 2215EK
SNL518-615 1315K 2315K
SNL516-613 1216K 2216EK
SNL519-616 1316K 2316K
SNL 517 1217K 2217K
SNL520-617 1317K 2317K
SNL518-615 1218K 2218K
SNL519-616 1219K 2219K
SNL522-619 1319K 2319K
SNL520-617 1220K 2220K
SNL524-620 1320K 2320K
SNL522-619 1222K 2222K
SNL524-620 1224K 23224CCK/W33
SNL526 22226EK 23226CCK/W33
SNL528 22228CCK/W33 23228CCK/W33
SNL530 22230CCK/W33 23230CCK/W33
SNL532 22232CCK/W33 23232CCK/W33
SNL205 1205E 2205E
SNL206-305 1305E 2305
SNL206-305 1206E 2206E
SNL507-606 1306E 2306
SNL207 1207E 2207E
SNL208-307 1307E 2307E
SNL208-307 1208E 2208E
SNL510-608 1308E 2308E
SNL209 1209E 2209E
SNL511-609 1309E 2309E
SNL210 1210E 2210E
SNL512-610 1310E 2310
SNL211 1211E 2211E
SNL513-611 1311E 2311
SNL212 1212E 2212E
SNL515-612 1312 2312
SNL213 1213E 2213E
SNL516-613 1313E 2313
SNL517 1314 2314
SNL215 1215 2215E
SNL518-615 1315 2315
SNL216 1216 2216E
SNL519-616 1316 2316
SNL217 1217 2217
SNL520-617 1317 2317
SNL218 1218 2218
SNL522-619 1319 2319
SNL520-617 1220 2220
SNL524-620 1320 2320
SNL522-619 1222 2222
SNL524-620 1224 23224CC/W33
SNL526 1226 23226CC/W33
SNL528 22228CC/W33 23228CC/W33
SNL530 22230CC/W33 23230CC/W33
SNL532 22232CC/W33 23232CC/W33