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  • Tapered Roller Bearing HGW35CA/B/C HGW35HA/B/C HGW45CA/B/C HGW45HA/B/C HGW55CA/B/C HGW55HA/B/C HGW65CA/B/C HGW65HA/B/C - 副本
Tapered Roller Bearing HGW35CA/B/C HGW35HA/B/C HGW45CA/B/C HGW45HA/B/C HGW55CA/B/C HGW55HA/B/C HGW65CA/B/C HGW65HA/B/C - 副本

Tapered Roller Bearing HGW35CA/B/C HGW35HA/B/C HGW45CA/B/C HGW45HA/B/C HGW55CA/B/C HGW55HA/B/C HGW65CA/B/C HGW65HA/B/C - 副本

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Ufine Bearing CO., LTD  is a Chinese bearing manufacturer which is located in the city ofJiNan - the provincial capital of ShanDong province, China. The enterprise professionalconcentrates on manufacturing all kinds of bearings as our own brand “UFE”, mainlyinclude roller bearings and ball bearings. And we have also set a long-term cooperationwith several famous bearing companies in the world, such as NSK, TIMKEN,NACHI, KOYO, NTN,SNR. The products we produce have already been sold to all over China andalso abroad, the bearing brand “UFE” enjoys high states in the rolling bearing industry ofChina and is highly praised by our customers

Taper roller bearing are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Their cups are separable for easy

assembling. During mounting and using, radial clearance and axial clearance can be adjusted and preloaded mounting can be made.

Taper roller bearing are uniquely designed to manage both thrust and radial loads on rotating shafts and in housings.

Taper roller bearing are designed to carry both thrust and radial loads and consist of four components: the cone, or inner ring; the

cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers, or rolling elements; and the cage, or roller retainer.

Tapere roller bearing mainly carry radial, axial combined load with radial load in the main. The capacity of axial load carrying depends

on the contact angle of outer ring’s raceway. The bigger the contact angle is, the greater the capacity will be.

Taper roller bearing the angle between the outer raceway generatrix and line, the bearing can bearing heavy load and other Tappered

Roller Bearings, it mainly bears joint load based on one way axial load,but not only radial load.

Taper Roller Bearing Application

China Factory Supply Single Row and Double Row Taper Roller Bearing

Material handling machinery:mining machinery, textile machinery, lifting equipment, Agricultural machinery: tractors, harvesting machinery,


Heavy-duty mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, loading and unloading machinery,industrial

vehicles, cement equipment, etc.

Construction Machinery: forklifts, earth moving machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc.

The general petrochemical machinery: oil drilling machinery, oil refining machinery, chemical machinery, gas compressors, paper machinery,

printing machinery, etc.

Machine tools: forging machinery, foundry machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.

Car: truck, road, bus, car, modified car, motorcycle ,etc.

Taper Roller Bearing Advantage

1: Suitable for the radial and axial loaded.

2: With low wear rate and long life service.

3: Can be used over a large temperature range.

4: Allows maintenance free and long life operation.

5: Suitable for dirty corrosion impact load and edge loading.

6: The base material provided a good shock absorbing capacity.

7: With low and smoothly coefficient of friction and without stick slip effects.

Product Bearing Type Bore Dia (d) (in) Outer Dia (D) (in) Inner Width (Bi) (in) Outer Width (Bo) (in) Width (B) (in)
368/362 single row 2 3.5433 0.875 0.625 0.7874
368A/362A single row 2 3.5 0.875 0.6501 0.8125
385/382 single row 1.9685 3.875 0.864 0.7018 0.8268
387A/382A single row 2.25 3.8125 0.864 0.625 0.8268
387AS/382S single row 2.25 3.8125 0.864 0.7982 1
390/394 single row 2.25 4.3307 0.866 0.8661 0.8661

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