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Bearing Sleeve Adapter and Withdrawal Sleeve H312

bearing sleeve adapter
Withdrawal Sleeve H312


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    UFINE BEARING CO., LTD  is a Chinese bearing manufacturer which is located in the city of JiNan - the provincial capital of ShanDong province, China. The enterprise professionalconcentrates on manufacturing all kinds of bearings as our own brand “UFE”, mainlyinclude roller bearings and ball bearings. And we have also set a long-term cooperationwith several famous bearing companies in the world, such as NSK, TIMKEN,NACHI, KOYO, NTN,SNR. The products we produce have already been sold to all over China andalso abroad, the bearing brand “UFE” enjoys high states in the rolling bearing industry ofChina and is highly praised by our customers

     If you are in need of any Bearing Sleeve Adapter and Withdrawal Sleeve, please feel free to contact us.  Bruce is always here for you !

     UFINE BEARING is a Chinese bearing manufacturer which is located in the city ofJiNan - the provincial capital of ShanDong province, China. The enterprise professionalconcentrates on manufacturing all kinds of bearings as our own brand “ZQQR”, mainlyinclude roller bearings and ball bearings. And we have also set a long-term cooperationwith several famous bearing companies in the world, such as NSK, FAG, TIMKEN,NACHI, KOYO, INA. The products we produce have already been sold to all over China andalso abroad, the bearing brand “UFE” enjoys high states in the rolling bearing industry of China and is highly praised by our customers. We can make best China bearing. 

     We produce the best quallity Bearing Sleeve Adapter and Withdrawal Sleeve.  Ufine Bearing has the most reliable product and service.

Below is the Bearing Sleeve Adapter and Withdrawal Sleeve we produce.  If in need, please feel free to contact us.

H 19 ZW H19-ZW H205.012 H205X012 H205.013 H205X013 H206.014 H206X014 H206.015 H206X015 H206.100 H206X100 H207.102 H207X102 H207.103 H207X103 H208.104 H208X104 H208.105 H208X105 H208.106 H208X106 H209.107 H209X107 H209.108 H209X108 H210.110 H210X110 H210.111 H210X111 H210.112 H210X112 H211.114 H211X114 H211.115 H211X115 H211.200 H211X200 H212.202 H212X202 H213.203 H213X203 H213.204 H213X204 H213.206 H213X206 H215.207 H215X207 H215.208 H215X208 H215.210 H215X210 H216.211 H216X211 H216.212 H216X212 H216.214 H216X214 H217.215 H217X215 H217.300 H217X300 H218.302 H218X302 H218.303 H218X303 H218.304 H218X304 H219.306 H219X306 H220.307 H220X307 H220.308 H220X308 H220.310 H220X310 H220.311 H220X311 H222.312 H222X312 H222.314 H222X314 H222.315 H222X315 H222.400 H222X400 H2305.012 H2305X012 H2306.014 H2306X014 H2306.015 H2306X015 H2306.100 H2306X100 H2307.102 H2307X102 H2307.103 H2307X103 H2308.104 H2308X104 H2308.105 H2308X105 H2308.106 H2308X106 H2309.107 H2309X107 H2309.108 H2309X108 H2309.109 H2309X109 H2310.110 H2310X110 H2310.111 H2310X111 H2310.112 H2310X112 H2311.114 H2311X114 H2311.115 H2311X115 H2311.200 H2311X200 H2312.202 H2312X202 H2313.203 H2313X203 H2313.204 H2313X204 H2313.206 H2313X206 H2315.207 H2315X207 H2315.208 H2315X208 H2315.210 H2315X210 H2316.211 H2316X211 H2316.212 H2316X212 H2316.214 H2316X214 H2317.215 H2317X215 H2317.300 H2317X300 H2318.302 H2318X302 H2318.303 H2318X303 H2318.304 H2318X304 H2319.306 H2319X306 H2320.307 H2320X307 H2320.308 H2320X308 H2320.310 H2320X310 H2320.311 H2320X311 H2322.312 H2322X312 H2322.314 H2322X314 H2322.315 H2322X315 H2322.400 H2322X400 H2324.403 H2324X403 H2324.404 H2324X404 H2326.407 H2326X407 H2326.408 H2326X408 H2326.412 H2326X412 H2328.415 H2328X415 H2328.500 H2328X500 H2330.503 H2330X503 H2330.504 H2330X504 H2332HG H2332-HG H2332.507 H2332X507 H2332.508 H2332X508 H2334HG H2334-HG H2336HG H2336-HG H2338HG H2338-HG H2340HG H2340-HG H2344XHG H2344X-HG H2348XHG H2348X-HG H2352XHG H2352X-HG H2356XHG H2356X-HG H240/1000HG H240/1000-HG H240/1060HG H240/1060-HG H240/1120HG H240/1120-HG H240/1180HG H240/1180-HG H240/1250HG H240/1250-HG H240/1320HG H240/1320-HG H240/1400HG H240/1400-HG H240/1500HG H240/1500-HG H240/500HG H240/500-HG H240/530HG H240/530-HG H240/560HG H240/560-HG H240/600HG H240/600-HG H240/630HG H240/630-HG H240/670HG H240/670-HG H240/710HG H240/710-HG H240/750HG H240/750-HG H240/800HG H240/800-HG H240/850HG H240/850-HG H240/900HG H240/900-HG H240/950HG H240/950-HG H24032HG H24032-HG H24034HG H24034-HG H24036HG H24036-HG H24038HG H24038-HG H24040HG H24040-HG H24044HG H24044-HG H24048HG H24048-HG H24052HG H24052-HG H24056HG H24056-HG H24060HG H24060-HG H24064HG H24064-HG H24068HG H24068-HG H24072HG H24072-HG H24076HG H24076-HG H24080HG H24080-HG H24084HG H24084-HG H24088HG H24088-HG H24092HG H24092-HG H24096HG H24096-HG H241/1000HG H241/1000-HG H241/1060HG H241/1060-HG H241/1120HG H241/1120-HG H241/1180HG H241/1180-HG H241/1250HG H241/1250-HG H241/1320HG H241/1320-HG H241/1400HG H241/1400-HG H241/1500HG H241/1500-HG H241/500HG H241/500-HG H241/530HG H241/530-HG H241/560HG H241/560-HG H241/600HG H241/600-HG H241/630HG H241/630-HG H241/670HG H241/670-HG H241/710HG H241/710-HG H241/750HG H241/750-HG H241/800HG H241/800-HG H241/850HG H241/850-HG H241/900HG H241/900-HG H241/950HG H241/950-HG H24132HG H24132-HG H24134HG H24134-HG H24136HG H24136-HG H24138HG H24138-HG H24140HG H24140-HG H24144HG H24144-HG H24148HG H24148-HG H24152HG H24152-HG H24156HG H24156-HG H24160HG H24160-HG H24164HG H24164-HG H24168HG H24168-HG H24172HG H24172-HG H24176HG H24176-HG H24180HG H24180-HG H24184HG H24184-HG H24188HG H24188-HG H24192HG H24192-HG H24196HG H24196-HG H 24 ZW H24-ZW H30/1000HG H30/1000-HG H30/1060HG H30/1060-HG H30/1120HG H30/1120-HG H30/1180HG H30/1180-HG H30/1250HG H30/1250-HG H30/1320HG H30/1320-HG H30/1400HG H30/1400-HG H30/1500HG H30/1500-HG H30/500HG H30/500-HG H30/530HG H30/530-HG H30/560HG H30/560-HG H30/600HG H30/600-HG H30/630HG H30/630-HG H30/670HG H30/670-HG H30/710HG H30/710-HG H30/750HG H30/750-HG H30/800HG H30/800-HG H30/850HG H30/850-HG H30/900HG H30/900-HG H30/950HG H30/950-HG H3024.403 H3024X403 H3024.404 H3024X404 H3026.407 H3026X407 H3026.408 H3026X408 H3026.412 H3026X412 H3028.415 H3028X415 H3028.500 H3028X500 H3030.503 H3030X503 H3030.504 H3030X504 H3032HG H3032-HG H3032.507 H3032X507 H3032.508 H3032X508 H3034HG H3034-HG H3036HG H3036-HG H3038HG H3038-HG H3040HG H3040-HG H3044XHG H3044X-HG H3048HG H3048-HG H3052XHG H3052X-HG H3056HG H3056-HG H305.012 H305X012 H305.013 H305X013 H3060HG H3060-HG H3064HG H3064-HG H3068HG H3068-HG H306.014 H306X014 H306.015 H306X015 H306.100 H306X100 H3072HG H3072-HG H3076HG H3076-HG H307.102 H307X102 H307.103 H307X103 H3080HG H3080-HG H3084XHG H3084X-HG H3088HG H3088-HG H308.104 H308X104 H308.105 H308X105 H308.106 H308X106 H3092HG H3092-HG H3096HG H3096-HG H309.107 H309X107 H309.108 H309X108 H309.109 H309X109 H31/1000HG H31/1000-HG H31/1060HG H31/1060-HG H31/1120HG H31/1120-HG H31/1180HG H31/1180-HG H31/1250HG H31/1250-HG H31/1320HG H31/1320-HG H31/1400HG H31/1400-HG H31/1500HG H31/1500-HG H31/500HG H31/500-HG H31/530HG H31/530-HG H31/560HG H31/560-HG H31/600HG H31/600-HG H31/630HG H31/630-HG H31/670HG H31/670-HG H31/710HG H31/710-HG H31/750HG H31/750-HG H31/800HG H31/800-HG H31/850HG H31/850-HG H31/900HG H31/900-HG H31/950HG H31/950-HG H310.110 H310X110 H310.111 H310X111 H310.112 H310X112 H311.114 H311X114 H311.115 H311X115 H311.200 H311X200 H3124.403 H3124X403 H3124.404 H3124X404 H3126.407 H3126X407 H3126.408 H3126X408 H3126.412 H3126X412 H3128.415 H3128X415 H3128.500 H3128X500 H312.202 H312X202 H3130.503 H3130X503 H3130.504 H3130X504 H3132HG H3132-HG H3132.507 H3132X507 H3132.508 H3132X508 H3134HG H3134-HG H3136HG H3136-HG H3138HG H3138-HG H313.203 H313X203 H313.204 H313X204 H313.206 H313X206 H3140HG H3140-HG H3144XHG H3144X-HG H3148XHG H3148X-HG H3152XHG H3152X-HG H3156XHG H3156X-HG H315.207 H315X207 H315.208 H315X208 H315.210 H315X210 H3160HG H3160-HG H3164HG H3164-HG H3168HG H3168-HG H316.211 H316X211 H316.212 H316X212 H316.214 H316X214 H3172HG H3172-HG H3176HG H3176-HG H317.215 H317X215 H317.300 H317X300 H3180HG H3180-HG H3184HG H3184-HG H3188HG H3188-HG H318.302 H318X302 H318.303 H318X303 H318.304 H318X304 H3192HG H3192-HG H3196HG H3196-HG H319.306 H319X306 H32/1000HG H32/1000-HG H32/500HG H32/500-HG H32/530HG H32/530-HG H32/560HG H32/560-HG H32/600HG H32/600-HG H32/630HG H32/630-HG H32/670HG H32/670-HG H32/710HG H32/710-HG H32/750HG H32/750-HG H32/800HG H32/800-HG H32/850HG H32/850-HG H32/900HG H32/900-HG H32/950HG H32/950-HG H320.307 H320X307 H320.308 H320X308 H320.310 H320X310 H320.311 H320X311 H322.312 H322X312 H322.314 H322X314 H322.315 H322X315 H322.400 H322X400 H3260HG H3260-HG H3264HG H3264-HG H3268HG H3268-HG H3272HG H3272-HG H3276HG H3276-HG H3280HG H3280-HG H3284HG H3284-HG H3288HG H3288-HG H3292HG H3292-HG H3296HG H3296-HG H33/1000HG H33/1000-HG H33/500HG H33/500-HG H33/530HG H33/530-HG H33/560HG H33/560-HG H33/600HG H33/600-HG H33/630HG H33/630-HG H33/670HG H33/670-HG H33/710HG H33/710-HG H33/750HG H33/750-HG H33/800HG H33/800-HG H33/850HG H33/850-HG H33/900HG H33/900-HG H33/950HG H33/950-HG H3332HG H3332-HG H3334HG H3334-HG H3336HG H3336-HG H3338HG H3338-HG H3340HG H3340-HG H3344HG H3344-HG H3348HG H3348-HG H3352HG H3352-HG H3356HG H3356-HG H3360HG H3360-HG H3364HG H3364-HG H3368HG H3368-HG H3372HG H3372-HG H3376HG H3376-HG H3380HG H3380-HG H3384HG H3384-HG H3388HG H3388-HG H3392HG H3392-HG H3396HG H3396-HG H 34 ZW H34-ZW H39/1000HG H39/1000-HG H39/1060HG H39/1060-HG H39/1120HG H39/1120-HG H39/1180HG H39/1180-HG H39/1250HG H39/1250-HG H39/1320HG H39/1320-HG H39/1400HG H39/1400-HG H39/1500HG H39/1500-HG H39/1600HG H39/1600-HG H39/1700HG H39/1700-HG H39/500HG H39/500-HG H39/530HG H39/530-HG H39/560HG H39/560-HG H39/600HG H39/600-HG H39/630HG H39/630-HG H39/670HG H39/670-HG H39/710HG H39/710-HG H39/750HG H39/750-HG H39/800HG H39/800-HG H39/850HG H39/850-HG H39/900HG H39/900-HG H39/950HG H39/950-HG H3932HG H3932-HG H3934HG H3934-HG H3936HG H3936-HG H3938HG H3938-HG H3940HG H3940-HG H3944HG H3944-HG H3948HG H3948-HG H3952HG H3952-HG H3956HG H3956-HG H3960HG H3960-HG H3964HG H3964-HG H3968HG H3968-HG H3972HG H3972-HG H3976HG H3976-HG H3980HG H3980-HG H3984HG H3984-HG H3988HG H3988-HG H3992HG H3992-HG H3996HG H3996-HG H 44 ZW H44-ZW H 55 ZW H55-ZW 退卸套 AH2236H AH2236-H AH2238GH AH2238G-H AH2238H AH2238-H AH2244H AH2244-H AH2248H AH2248-H AH2252H AH2252-H AH2256H AH2256-H AH2260GH AH2260G-H AH2260H AH2260-H AH2264GH AH2264G-H AH2264H AH2264-H AH2332GH AH2332G-H AH2332H AH2332-H AH2334GH AH2334G-H AH2334H AH2334-H AH2336GH AH2336G-H AH2336H AH2336-H AH2338GH AH2338G-H AH2338H AH2338-H AH2340H AH2340-H AH2344H AH2344-H AH2348H AH2348-H AH2352GH AH2352G-H AH2352H AH2352-H AH2356GH AH2356G-H AH2356H AH2356-H AH240/1000H AH240/1000-H AH240/1060H AH240/1060-H AH240/1120H AH240/1120-H AH240/1180H AH240/1180-H AH240/1250H AH240/1250-H AH240/1320H AH240/1320-H AH240/1400H AH240/1400-H AH240/500GH AH240/500G-H AH240/500H AH240/500-H AH240/530H AH240/530-H AH240/560GH AH240/560G-H AH240/560H AH240/560-H AH240/600H AH240/600-H AH240/630H AH240/630-H AH240/670H AH240/670-H AH240/710H AH240/710-H AH240/750H AH240/750-H AH240/800H AH240/800-H AH240/850H AH240/850-H AH240/900H AH240/900-H AH240/950H AH240/950-H AH24032H AH24032-H AH24040H AH24040-H AH24044H AH24044-H AH24048H AH24048-H AH24052H AH24052-H AH24056GH AH24056G-H AH24056H AH24056-H AH24060H AH24060-H AH24064H AH24064-H AH24068H AH24068-H AH24072H AH24072-H AH24076H AH24076-H AH24080H AH24080-H AH24084H AH24084-H AH24088H AH24088-H AH24092H AH24092-H AH24096H AH24096-H AH241/1000H AH241/1000-H AH241/1060H AH241/1060-H AH241/1120H AH241/1120-H AH241/500GH AH241/500G-H AH241/500H AH241/500-H AH241/530H AH241/530-H AH241/560H AH241/560-H AH241/600GH AH241/600G-H AH241/600H AH241/600-H AH241/630H AH241/630-H AH241/670GH AH241/670G-H AH241/670H AH241/670-H AH241/710H AH241/710-H AH241/750GH AH241/750G-H AH241/750H AH241/750-H AH241/800GH AH241/800G-H AH241/800H AH241/800-H AH241/850H AH241/850-H AH241/900H AH241/900-H AH241/950GH AH241/950G-H AH241/950H AH241/950-H AH24144H AH24144-H AH24148H AH24148-H AH24152H AH24152-H AH24156H AH24156-H AH24160H AH24160-H AH24164H AH24164-H AH24168H AH24168-H AH24172H AH24172-H AH24176H AH24176-H AH24180H AH24180-H AH24184H AH24184-H AH24188H AH24188-H AH24192H AH24192-H AH24196H AH24196-H AH30/530AH AH30/530A-H AH30/560AH AH30/560A-H AH30/600AH AH30/600A-H AH30/630AH AH30/630A-H AH30/670AH AH30/670A-H AH30/710AH AH30/710A-H AH30/800AH AH30/800A-H AH30/900AH AH30/900A-H AH3032H AH3032-H AH3034H AH3034-H AH3036H AH3036-H AH3038GH AH3038G-H AH3038H AH3038-H AH3040GH AH3040G-H AH3040H AH3040-H AH3044GH AH3044G-H AH3044H AH3044-H AH3048H AH3048-H AH3052H AH3052-H AH3056H AH3056-H AH3060H AH3060-H AH3064GH AH3064G-H AH3064H AH3064-H AH3068GH AH3068G-H AH3068H AH3068-H AH3072GH AH3072G-H AH3072H AH3072-H AH3076H AH3076-H AH3080H AH3080-H AH3084GH AH3084G-H AH3084H AH3084-H AH31/1000AH AH31/1000A-H AH31/600AH AH31/600A-H AH31/630AH AH31/630A-H AH31/750AH AH31/750A-H AH31/800AH AH31/800A-H AH3132AH AH3132A-H AH3134H AH3134-H AH3136AH AH3136A-H AH3138H AH3138-H AH3140H AH3140-H AH3144H AH3144-H AH3148H AH3148-H AH3152GH AH3152G-H AH3152H AH3152-H AH3156GH AH3156G-H AH3156H AH3156-H AH3160GH AH3160G-H AH3160H AH3160-H AH3164GH AH3164G-H AH3164H AH3164-H AH3168H AH3168-H AH3172GH AH3172G-H AH3172H AH3172-H AH3176H AH3176-H AH3180H AH3180-H AH3184GH AH3184G-H AH3184H AH3184-H AH32/560AH AH32/560A-H AH3232H AH3232-H AH3234H AH3234-H AH3236GH AH3236G-H AH3236H AH3236-H AH3238GH AH3238G-H AH3238H AH3238-H AH3240H AH3240-H AH3260H AH3260-H AH3264GH AH3264G-H AH3264H AH3264-H AH3268H AH3268-H AH3272GH AH3272G-H AH3272H AH3272-H AH3276H AH3276-H AH3280H AH3280-H AH3284GH AH3284G-H AH3284H AH3284-H AH38/710H AH38/710-H AH38/900H AH38/900-H AH39/1060H AH39/1060-H AH39/1180H AH39/1180-H AH39/500H AH39/500-H AH39/530H AH39/530-H AH39/560GH AH39/560G-H AH39/560H AH39/560-H AH39/600GH AH39/600G-H AH39/600H AH39/600-H AH39/630H AH39/630-H AH39/670H AH39/670-H AH39/710GH AH39/710G-H AH39/710H AH39/710-H AH39/750GH AH39/750G-H AH39/750H AH39/750-H AH39/800H AH39/800-H AH39/850GH AH39/850G-H AH39/850H AH39/850-H AH39/900H AH39/900-H AH39/950H AH39/950-H AH3944H AH3944-H AH3948H AH3948-H AH3952H AH3952-H AH3960GH AH3960G-H AH3960H AH3960-H AH3968H AH3968-H AH3972GH AH3972G-H AH3972H AH3972-H AH3976GH AH3976G-H AH3976H AH3976-H AH3980H AH3980-H AH3984H AH3984-H AH3992H AH3992-H AH3996H AH3996-H AHX3088GH AHX3088G-H AHX3092GH AHX3092G-H AHX3188GH AHX3188G-H AHX3192GH AHX3192G-H AHX3196GH AHX3196G-H AHX32/500GH AHX32/500G-H