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Thin ball bearing-Robot and medical instrument bearing


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    UFINE BEARING CO., LTD  is a Chinese bearing manufacturer which is located in the city ofJiNan - the provincial capital of ShanDong province, China. The enterprise professionalconcentrates on manufacturing all kinds of bearings as our own brand “UFE”, mainlyinclude roller bearings and ball bearings. And we have also set a long-term cooperationwith several famous bearing companies in the world, such as NSK, TIMKEN,NACHI, KOYO, NTN,SNR. The products we produce have already been sold to all over China andalso abroad, the bearing brand “UFE” enjoys high states in the rolling bearing industry ofChina and is highly praised by our customers

    We produce the best quallitythin section ball bearings for robots and mechanical instrument.  Ufine Bearing has the most reliable product and service.

Below is the thin section ball bearings we produce.

NKAA10CP0 KRS010 KAA10CP0 CSCAA010-TN NKAA10XP0 KXS010 KAA10XP0 CSXAA010-TN NKAA15CP0 KRS015 KAA15CP0 CSCAA015-TN NKAA15XP0 KXS015 KAA15XP0 CSXAA015-TN NKAA17CP0 KRS017 KAA17CP0 CSCAA017-TN NKAA17XP0 KXS017 KAA17XP0 CSXAA017-TN 常规型号 NTN代号 KAYDON代号 INA代号 NKA020CP0 KRA020 KA020CP0 CSCA020 NKA020XP0 KXA020 KA020XP0 CSXA020 NKA025CP0 KRA025 KA025CP0 CSCA025 NKA025XP0 KXA025 KA025XP0 CSXA025 NKA030CP0 KRA030 KA030CP0 CSCA030 NKA030XP0 KXA030 KA030XP0 CSXA030 NKA035CP0 KRA035 KA035CP0 CSCA035 NKA035XP0 KXA035 KA035XP0 CSXA035 NKA040CP0 KRA040 KA040CP0 CSCA040 NKA040XP0 KXA040 KA040XP0 CSXA040 NKA042CP0 KRA042 KA042CP0 CSCA042 NKA042XP0 KXA042 KA042XP0 CSXA042 NKA045CP0 KRA045 KA045CP0 CSCA045 NKA045XP0 KXA045 KA045XP0 CSXA045 NKA047CP0 KRA047 KA047CP0 CSCA047 NKA047XP0 KXA047 KA047XP0 CSXA047 NKA050CP0 KRA050 KA050CP0 CSCA050 NKA050XP0 KXA050 KA050XP0 CSXA050 NKA055CP0 KRA055 KA055CP0 CSCA055 NKA055XP0 KXA055 KA055XP0 CSXA055 NKA060CP0 KRA060 KA060CP0 CSCA060 NKA060XP0 KXA060 KA060XP0 CSXA060 NKA065CP0 KRA065 KA065CP0 CSCA065 NKA065XP0 KXA065 KA065XP0 CSXA065 NKA070CP0 KRA070 KA070CP0 CSCA070 NKA070XP0 KXA070 KA070XP0 CSXA070 NKA075CP0 KRA075 KA075CP0 CSCA075 NKA075XP0 KXA075 KA075XP0 CSXA075 NKA080CP0 KRA080 KA080CP0 CSCA080 NKA080XP0 KXA080 KA080XP0 CSXA080 NKA090CP0 KRA090 KA090CP0 CSCA090 NKA090XP0 KXA090 KA090XP0 CSXA090 NKA100CP0 KRA100 KA100CP0 CSCA100 NKA100XP0 KXA100 KA100XP0 CSXA100 NKA110CP0 KRA110 KA110CP0 CSCA110 NKA110XP0 KXA110 KA110XP0 CSXA110 NKA120CP0 KRA120 KA120CP0 CSCA120 NKA120XP0 KXA120 KA120XP0 CSXA120 NKF040CP0 KRF040 KF040CP0 CSCF040 NKF040XP0 KXF040 KF040XP0 CSXF040 NKF042CP0 KRF042 KF042CP0 CSCF042 NKF042XP0 KXF042 KF042XP0 CSXF042 NKF045CP0 KRF045 KF045CP0 CSCF045 NKF045XP0 KXF045 KF045XP0 CSXF045 NKF047CP0 KRF047 KF047CP0 CSCF047 NKF047XP0 KXF047 KF047XP0 CSXF047 NKF050CP0 KRF050 KF050CP0 CSCF050 NKF050XP0 KXF050 KF050XP0 CSXF050 NKF055CP0 KRF055 KF055CP0 CSCF055 NKF055XP0 KXF055 KF055XP0 CSXF055 NKF060CP0 KRF060 KF060CP0 CSCF060 NKF060XP0 KXF060 KF060XP0 CSXF060 NKF065CP0 KRF065 KF065CP0 CSCF065 NKF065XP0 KXF065 KF065XP0 CSXF065 NKF070CP0 KRF070 KF070CP0 CSCF070 NKF070XP0 KXF070 KF070XP0 CSXF070 NKF075CP0 KRF075 KF075CP0 CSCF075 NKF075XP0 KXF075 KF075XP0 CSXF075 NKF080CP0 KRF080 KF080CP0 CSCF080 NKF080XP0 KXF080 KF080XP0 CSXF080 NKF090CP0 KRF090 KF090CP0 CSCF090 NKF090XP0 KXF090 KF090XP0 CSXF090 NKF100CP0 KRF100 KF100CP0 CSCF100 NKF100XP0 KXF100 KF100XP0 CSXF100 NKF110CP0 KRF110 KF110CP0 CSCF110 NKF110XP0 KXF110 KF110XP0 CSXF110 NKF120CP0 KRF120 KF120CP0 CSCF120 NKF120XP0 KXF120 KF120XP0 CSXF120 NKF140CP0 KRF140 KF140CP0 CSCF140 NKF140XP0 KXF140 KF140XP0 CSXF140 NKF160CP0 KRF160 KF160CP0 CSCF160 NKF160XP0 KXF160 KF160XP0 CSXF160 NKF180CP0 KRF180 KF180CP0 CSCF180 NKF180XP0 KXF180 KF180XP0 CSXF180 NKF200CP0 KRF200 KF200CP0 CSCF200 NKF200XP0 KXF200 KF200XP0 CSXF200 NKB020CP0 KRB020 KB020CP0 CSCB020 NKB020XP0 KXB020 KB020XP0 CSXB020 NKB025CP0 KRB025 KB025CP0 CSCB025 NKB025XP0 KXB025 KB025XP0 CSXB025 NKB030CP0 KRB030 KB030CP0 CSCB030 NKB030XP0 KXB030 KB030XP0 CSXB030 NKB035CP0 KRB035 KB035CP0 CSCB035 NKB035XP0 KXB035 KB035XP0 CSXB035 NKB040CP0 KRB040 KB040CP0 CSCB040 NKB040XP0 KXB040 KB040XP0 CSXB040 NKB042CP0 KRB042 KB042CP0 CSCB042 NKB042XP0 KXB042 KB042XP0 CSXB042 NKB045CP0 KRB045 KB045CP0 CSCB045 NKB045XP0 KXB045 KB045XP0 CSXB045 NKB047CP0 KRB047 KB047CP0 CSCB047 NKB047XP0 KXB047 KB047XP0 CSXB047 NKB050CP0 KRB050 KB050CP0 CSCB050 NKB050XP0 KXB050 KB050XP0 CSXB050 NKB055CP0 KXB055 KB055CP0 CSCB055 NKB055XP0 KXB055 KB055XP0 CSXB055 NKB060CP0 KRB060 KB060CP0 CSCB060 NKB060XP0 KXB060 KB060XP0 CSXB060 NKB065CP0 KRB065 KB065CP0 CSCB065 NKB065XP0 KXB065 KB065XP0 CSXB065 NKB070CP0 KRB070 KB070CP0 CSCB070 NKB070XP0 KXB070 KB070XP0 CSXB070 NKB075CP0 KRB075 KB075CP0 CSCB075 NKB075XP0 KXB075 KB075XP0 CSXB075 NKB080CP0 KRB080 KB080CP0 CSCB080 NKB080XP0 KXB080 KB080XP0 CSXB080 NKB090CP0 KRB090 KB090CP0 CSCB090 NKB090XP0 KXB090 KB090XP0 CSXB090 NKB100CP0 KRB100 KB100CP0 CSCB100 NKB100XP0 KXB100 KB100XP0 CSXB100 NKB110CP0 KRB110 KB110CP0 CSCB110 NKB110XP0 KXB110 KB110XP0 CSXB110 NKB120CP0 KRB120 KB120CP0 CSCB120 NKB120XP0 KXB120 KB120XP0 CSXB120 NKB140CP0 KRB140 KB140CP0 CSCB140 NKB140XP0 KXB140 KB140XP0 CSXB140 NKB160CP0 KRB160 KB160CP0 CSCB160 NKB160XP0 KXB160 KB160XP0 CSXB160 NKB180CP0 KRB180 KB180CP0 CSCB180 NKB180XP0 KXB180 KB180XP0 CSXB180 NKB200CP0 KRB200 KB200CP0 CSCB200 NKB200XP0 KXB200 KB200XP0 CSXB200  NKG040CP0 KRG040 KRG040 CSCG040 NKG040XP0 KXG040 KXG040 CSXG040 NKG042CP0 KRG042 KRG042 CSCG042 NKG042XP0 KXG042 KXG042 CSXG042 NKG045CP0 KRG045 KRG045 CSCG045 NKG045XP0 KXG045 KXG045 CSXG045 NKG047CP0 KRG047 KRG047 CSCG047 NKG047XP0 KXG047 KXG047 CSXG047 NKG050CP0 KRG050 KRG050 CSCG050 NKG050XP0 KXG050 KXG050 CSXG050 NKG055CP0 KRG055 KRG055 CSCG055 NKG055XP0 KXG055 KXG055 CSXG055 NKG060CP0 KRG060 KRG060 CSCG060 NKG060XP0 KXG060 KXG060 CSXG060 NKG065CP0 KRG065 KRG065 CSCG065 NKG065XP0 KXG065 KXG065 CSXG065 NKG070CP0 KRG070 KRG070 CSCG070 NKG070XP0 KXG070 KXG070 CSXG070 NKG075CP0 KRG075 KRG075 CSCG075 NKG075XP0 KXG075 KXG075 CSXG075 NKG080CP0 KRG080 KRG080 CSCG080 NKG080XP0 KXG080 KXG080 CSXG080 NKG090CP0 KRG090 KRG090 CSCG090 NKG090XP0 KXG090 KXG090 CSXG090 NKG100CP0 KRG100 KRG100 CSCG100 NKG100XP0 KXG100 KXG100 CSXG100 NKG110CP0 KRG110 KRG110 CSCG110 NKG110XP0 KXG110 KXG110 CSXG110 NKG120CP0 KRG120 KRG120 CSCG120 NKG120XP0 KXG120 KXG120 CSXG120 NKG140CP0 KRG140 KRG140 CSCG140 NKG140XP0 KXG140 KXG140 CSXG140 NKG160CP0 KRG160 KRG160 CSCG160 NKG160XP0 KXG160 KXG160 CSXG160 NKG180CP0 KRG180 KRG180 CSCG180 NKG180XP0 KXG180 KXG180 CSXG180 NKG200CP0 KRG200 KRG200 CSCG200 NKG200XP0 KXG200 KXG200 CSXG200 NKG250CP0 KRG250 KRG250 CSCG250 NKG250XP0 KXG250 KXG250 CSXG250 NKG300CP0 KRG300 KRG300 CSCG300 NKG300XP0 KXG300 KXG300 CSXG300 NKG200CP0 KRG350 KRG350 CSCG350 NKG200XP0 KXG350 KXG350 CSXG350 NKC040CP0 KRC040 KC040CP0 CSCC040 NKC040XP0 KXC040 KC040XP0 CSXC040 NKC042CP0 KRC042 KC042CP0 CSCC042 NKC042XP0 KXC042 KC042XP0 CSXC042 NKC045CP0 KRC045 KC045CP0 CSCC045 NKC045XP0 KXC045 KC045XP0 CSXC045 NKC047CP0 KRC047 KC047CP0 CSCC047 NKC047XP0 KXC047 KC047XP0 CSXC047 NKC050CP0 KRC050 KC050CP0 CSCC050 NKC050XP0 KXC050 KC050XP0 CSXC050 NKC055CP0 KRC055 KC055CP0 CSCC055 NKC055XP0 KXC055 KC055XP0 CSXC055 NKC060CP0 KRC060 KC060CP0 CSCC060 NKC060XP0 KXC060 KC060XP0 CSXC060 NKC065CP0 KRC065 KC065CP0 CSCC065 NKC065XP0 KXC065 KC065XP0 CSXC065 NKC070CP0 KRC070 KC070CP0 CSCC070 NKC070XP0 KXC070 KC070XP0 CSXC070 NKC075CP0 KRC075 KC075CP0 CSCC075 NKC075XP0 KXC075 KC075XP0 CSXC075 NKC080CP0 KRC080 KC080CP0 CSCC080 NKC080XP0 KXC080 KC080XP0 CSXC080 NKC090CP0 KRC090 KC090CP0 CSCC090 NKC090XP0 KXC090 KC090XP0 CSXC090 NKC100CP0 KRC100 KC100CP0 CSCC100 NKC100XP0 KXC100 KC100XP0 CSXC100 NKC110CP0 KRC110 KC110CP0 CSCC110 NKC110XP0 KXC110 KC110XP0 CSXC110 NKC120CP0 KRC120 KC120CP0 CSCC120 NKC120XP0 KXC120 KC120XP0 CSXC120 NKC140CP0 KRC140 KC140CP0 CSCC140 NKC140XP0 KXC140 KC140XP0 CSXC140 NKC160CP0 KRC160 KC160CP0 CSCC160 NKC160XP0 KXC160 KC160XP0 CSXC160 NKC180CP0 KRC180 KC180CP0 CSCC180 NKC180XP0 KXC180 KC180XP0 CSXC180 NKC200CP0 KRC200 KC200CP0 CSCC200 NKC200XP0 KXC200 KC200XP0 CSXC200 NKAA10AG0 KYS010 KAA10AG0 CSEAA010-TN NKAA15AG0 KYS015 KAA15AG0 CSEAA015-TN NKAA17AG0 KAA17AG0 CSEAA017-TN NJU040CPO KRJ040LL JU040CPO CSCU040-2RS NJU040XPO JU040XPO CSXU040-2RS NJU042CPO KRJ042LL JU042CPO CSCU042-2RS NJU042XPO JU042XPO CSXU042-2RS NJU045CPO KRJ045LL JU045CPO CSCU045-2RS NJU045XPO JU045XPO CSXU045-2RS NJU047CPO KRJ047LL JU047CPO CSCU047-2RS NJU047XPO JU047XPO CSXU047-2RS NJU050CPO KRJ050LL JU050CPO CSCU050-2RS NJU050XPO JU050XPO CSXU050-2RS NJU055CPO KRJ055LL JU055CPO CSCU055-2RS NJU055XPO JU055XPO CSXU055-2RS NJU060CPO KRJ060LL JU060CPO CSCU060-2RS NJU060XPO JU060XPO CSXU060-2RS NJU065CPO KRJ065LL JU065CPO CSCU065-2RS NJU065XPO JU065XPO CSXU065-2RS NJU070CPO KRJ070LL JU070CPO CSCU070-2RS NJU070XPO JU070XPO CSXU070-2RS NJU075CPO KRJ075LL JU075CPO CSCU075-2RS NJU075XPO JU075XPO CSXU075-2RS NJU080CPO KRJ080LL JU080CPO CSCU080-2RS NJU080XPO JU080XPO CSXU080-2RS NJU090CPO KRJ090LL JU090CPO CSCU090-2RS NJU090XPO JU090XPO CSXU090-2RS NJU100CPO KRJ100LL JU100CPO CSCU100-2RS NJU100XPO JU100XPO CSXU100-2RS NJU110CPO KRJ110LL JU110CPO CSCU110-2RS NJU110XPO JU110XPO CSXU110-2RS NJU120CPO KRJ120LL JU120CPO CSCU120-2RS NJU120XPO JU120XPO CSXU120-2RS NKD040CP0 KRD040 KD040CP0 CSCD040 NKD040XP0 KXD040 KD040XP0 CSXD040 NKD042CP0 KRD042 KD042CP0 CSCD042 NKD042XP0 KXD042 KD042XP0 CSXD042 NKD045CP0 KRD045 KD045CP0 CSCD045 NKD045XP0 KXD045 KD045XP0 CSXD045 NKD047CP0 KRD047 KD047CP0 CSCD047 NKD047XP0 KXD047 KD047XP0 CSXD047 NKD050CP0 KRD050 KD050CP0 CSCD050 NKD050XP0 KXD050 KD050XP0 CSXD050 NKD055CP0 KRD055 KD055CP0 CSCD055 NKD055XP0 KXD055 KD055XP0 CSXD055 NKD060CP0 KRD060 KD060CP0 CSCD060 NKD060XP0 KXD060 KD060XP0 CSXD060 NKD065CP0 KRD065 KD065CP0 CSCD065 NKD065XP0 KXD065 KD065XP0 CSXD065 NKD070CP0 KRD070 KD070CP0 CSCD070 NKD070XP0 KXD070 KD070XP0 CSXD070 NKD075CP0 KRD075 KD075CP0 CSCD075 NKD075XP0 KXD075 KD075XP0 CSXD075 NKD080CP0 KRD080 KD080CP0 CSCD080 NKD080XP0 KXD080 KD080XP0 CSXD080 NKD090CP0 KRD090 KD090CP0 CSCD090 NKD090XP0 KXD090 KD090XP0 CSXD090 NKD100CP0 KRD100 KD100CP0 CSCD100 NKD100XP0 KXD100 KD100XP0 CSXD100 NKD110CP0 KRD110 KD110CP0 CSCD110 NKD110XP0 KXD110 KD110XP0 CSXD110 NKD120CP0 KRD120 KD120CP0 CSCD120 NKD120XP0 KXD120 KD120XP0 CSXD120 NKD140CP0 KRD140 KD140CP0 CSCD140 NKD140XP0 KXD140 KD140XP0 CSXD140 NKD160CP0 KRD160 KD160CP0 CSCD160 NKD160XP0 KXD160 KD160XP0 CSXD160 NKD180CP0 KRD180 KD180CP0 CSCD180 NKD180XP0 KXD180 KD180XP0 CSXD180 NKD200CP0 KRD200 KD200CP0 CSCD200 NKD200XP0 KXD200 KD200XP0 CSXD200