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Needle Roller Bearing



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UFINE BEARING CO., LTD is a Chinese bearing manufacturer which is located in the city ofJiNan - the provincial capital of ShanDong province, China. The enterprise professionalconcentrates on manufacturing all kinds of bearings as our own brand “UFE”, mainlyinclude roller bearings and ball bearings. And we have also set a long-term cooperationwith several famous bearing companies in the world, such as NSK, TIMKEN,NACHI, KOYO, NTN,SNR. The products we produce have already been sold to all over China andalso abroad, the bearing brand “UFE” enjoys high states in the rolling bearing industry ofChina and is highly praised by our customers


1. Reliable steel

2. proper heat-treatment

3. raceway super-finished

4. low noise

OEM and customer tailored accepted.

Our advantages

A.Excellent and high quality control

1.Rich Inventory to mostly shorten the delivery time

2.Package design as clients' requirement

3.Providing the most economic carriage solution

4.OEM manufacturing supplied(Including clients' own brand)

5.Produce as drawings provided by clients

6.Design drawings as specifications and applications

7.Preferred payment term:T/T;Paypal;Western Union

B .With adequate supply, large stock and convenient transportation, we warmly welcome new customers to visit us.

1.Staff mission: to develop, innovation, cooperation and good faith.

2,Company's goals: a hundred years the name Enterprise, the industry fresh air.

3,Staff objectives: Choi-chi, with a minor, win-win progress.

4,Business philosophy: science and technology, quality, service, win-win situation.

5,Service spirit: Dissemination of cutting-edge technology together to create wealth.

6,Staff spirit: innovation, cooperation, sincerity and dedication.

7,Development strategy: the internationalization of enterprises to enter the brand name.

8,The core concept: the market conception of qualified personnel, learning concept

IR 10X14X12   IR10X14X12-IS1   NKX 10 TN   NKX10-TV   IR 12X16X12   IR12X16X12-IS1   NKX 10 Z TN   NKX10-Z-TV   IR 15X20X12   IR15X20X12-IS1   NKX 12 Z   NKX12-Z   IR 20X25X16   IR20X25X16-IS1   NKX 15 Z   NKX15-Z   IR 25X30X16   IR25X30X16-IS1   NKX 17  IR 10X14X12 IR10X14X12-IS1  NKX 10 TN  NKX10-TV  IR 12X16X12IR12X16X12-IS1 NKX 10 Z TN NKX10-Z-TV IR 15X20X12 IR15X20X12-IS1  NKX 12 Z  NKX12-Z
IR 20X25X16 IR20X25X16IS1  NKX 15 Z  NKX15-Z  IR 25X30X16  IR25X30X16IS1  NKX 17 Z  NKX17-Z  IR 30X38X20  IR30X38X20-IS1  NKX 20 Z  NKX20-Z IR 35X42X20  IR35X42X20-IS1  NKX 25 Z  NKX25-Z IR 40X50X20  IR40X50X20-IS1 NKX 30 Z
NKX30-Z  IR 45X55X20  IR45X55X20-IS1  NKX 35 Z  NKX35-Z  IR 50X55X20  IR50X55X20-IS1  NKX 40 Z  NKX40-Z
IR 50X60X20  IR50X60X20-IS1  NKX 45 Z NKX45-Z  IR 6X10X10  IR6X10X10-IS1  NKX 50 Z  NKX50-Z  IR 8X12X10
IR8X12X10-IS1  NKX 60 Z  NKX60-Z  NKX 70 Z NKX70-Z NA 22/6.2RS  NA22/6-2RSR NKXR 15 Z NKXR15-Z
NA 22/8.2RS  NA22/8-2RSR  NKXR 17 Z  NKXR17-Z  NA 2200.2RS  NA2200-2RSR  NKXR 20 Z  NKXR20-Z  NA 2201.2RS
NA2201-2RSR  NKXR 25 Z NKXR25-Z NA 2202.2RS  NA2202-2RSR  NKXR 30 Z  NKXR30-Z  NA 2203.2RS  NA2203-2RSR
NKXR 35 Z  NKXR35-Z  NA 2204.2RS NA2204-2RSR  NKXR 40 Z  NKXR40-Z  NA 2205.2RS  NA2205-2RSR  NKXR 45 Z
NKXR45-Z  NA 2206.2RS  NA2206-2RSR  NKXR 50 Z  NKXR50-Z  NA 2207.2RS  NA2207-2RSR    NA 2208.2RS  NA2208-2RSR NX 10 Z  NX10-Z  NA 2210.2RS  NA2210-2RSR  NX 12 Z  NX12-Z  NA 4900.2RS  NA4900-2RSR  NX 15 Z  NX15-Z  NA 4900 RS  NA4900-RSR  NX 17 Z  NX17-Z  NA 4901.2RS  NA4901-2RSR  NX 20 Z  NX20-Z
NA 4901 RS  NA4901-RSR  NX 25 Z  NX25-Z  NA 4902.2RS  NA4902-2RSR  NX 30 Z  NX30-Z  NA 4902 RS  NA4902-RSR
NX 35 Z NX35-Z  NA 4903.2RS  NA4903-2RSR NX 7 TN  NX7-TV  NA 4903 RS  NA4903-RSR  NX 7 Z TN  NX7-Z-TV
NA 4904.2RS  NA4904-2RSR  NA 4904 RS  NA4904-RSR    NA 4905.2RS  NA4905-2RSR    NA 4905 RS  NA4905-RSR
NA 4906.2RS NA4906-2RSR NA 4906 RS  NA4906RSR NA 4907.2RSNA49072RSR   NA 4907 RS  NA4907RSR  NA 4908.2RS
NA4908-2RSR NA 4908 RS NA4908-RSR NA 4909.2RS NA4909-2RSR NA 4909 RS  NA4909-RSR  NA 4910.2RS

HK10*17*15 HK17* 21.5*15 HK24*30*7.5TN

HK0306TN HK10*18*12 HK1712 HK1714 HK1716 HK1718 HK2512 HK2514 HK2516 HK2518 HK2520 HK2525 BK2512 HK36*42*12 HK0810-RS HK1614-RS

HK0408TN HK1208 HK1210 " HK17*24*" " HK2526" BK2516 HK38*48*30 HK09*13*12 HK17*25*14- RS

HK0509 HK0607 HK0608 HK1212 15 HK2538 BK2520 HK4012 HK1012-RS HK17*25*15.5-RS

HK0609 HK0611 HK12*17*12 HK17*25*14 HK25*33*10 BK2526 HK4016 HK1214-RS HK1814-S

HK06*12*08 HK12*17*15 HK17*25*15.5 HK25*33*15 BK2538 HK4020 HK13*19*12 HK2012-RS

HK0709 HK07*12*08 HK12*17*18 HK17*25*18 HK25*35*20 BK2816 HK40*50*32 HK0812-2RS HK2018-RS

HK07*12*09 HK12*18*12 HK1812 HK2816 BK2820 HK40*50*38 HK20*29*18- RS

HK0808 HK0810 HK12*18*14 HK1816 " HK2818 HK2820 HK3012 HK3016 HK3018 HK3020 HK3026 HK3038" BK3012 HK4512 HK1014-2RS HK2212-RS

"8 HK08*14*10" HK12*19*12 HK19*27*16 " HK30*38*12" BK3016 HK4516 HK1216-2RS HK2214-RS

HK1311 HK2010 HK35*43*32 BK3020 HK4520 HK1416-2RS HK2218-RS

HK08*14*12 HK2011 HK2012 HK2014 HK2016 HK2018 HK2020 HK2025 HK30*38*16 BK3026 HK45*55*38 HK1516-2RS HK2518-RS

HK0908 HK0910 HK1312 " HK2030" HK30*38*24 BK3038 HK50*57*16 HK1520-2RS HK3018-RS

"9 HK0911 HK0912" HK13.5* 20*12 HK20*27*18 HK30*38* 32 BK3512 HK5012 HK3518-RS

HK09*15*10 HK1410 HK20*27* 20 HK32*38*11 BK3516 HK5020 HK4018-RS

HK10*13*08 HK1412 HK1416 HK20*27*30 HK3224 BK3520 HK5025 HK4518-RS

HK1010 HK1012 HK1015 HK15*20*12 HK20*28*16 " HK35*43*25" HK50*60* 38 HK5022-RS

HK10*15*15 HK15*20* 16 HK20*29* 18 HK3232 HK5520 HK1616-2RS

HK10*16*10 HK15*20*20 HK22*28*7.5TN HK32*40*32 HK5525 HK1620-2RS

HK10*16*12 HK1512 HK2210 HK2212 HK2216 HK2220 HK3512 HK3516 HK3520 HK5528 HK1816-2RS

BK0306TN HK1514 HK1515 HK1516 HK1522  HK2230 HK22*29*25 HK35*43*16 HK6012 HK2016-2RS

BK0408TN HK15*22*12  HK6020 HK2020-2RS BK0509 HK15*22*12.5 HK22*29* 30 HK6032 HK2216-2RS BK0608 HK16*21*06 HK1622 BA55 HK2220-2RS BK0609 HK16*21*09 BK1622 M-681 HK2220-2RS BK0709 " HK1612 HK1614 HK1616 HK1617" BK1712 BHA68 HK2220-2RS BK0808 BK1210 BK1812 BA87 HK2520-2RS BK0810 BK1212 BK1816 SCE108 HK2524-2RS BK08*14*10 BK12*18*12 BK2010 SCH1012 HK2530-2RS BK0908 BK1312 BK201 SCE1012 HK2820-2RS BK0910 BK1412 BK2016 BA1210 HK3024-2RS BK0912 BK1512 BK2020 BA1212 HK3016-2RS BK1010 BK1516 BK2030 SCE1212 HK3516-2RS BK1012 BK1522 SCE1214PP HK3520-2RS BK1015 BK1612 55000*22 HK4016-2RS BK10*16*10 BK1616 BA1816 HK4020-2RS SCE1616PP HK4520-2RS BK4012 HK5024-2RS BK4016 BK4020 BK4512 BK4516 BK4520 BK5020 BK5025 BK5020 BK5528 BK6012 BK6020 BK6032